About us

A dome of passionate artists and art entrepreneurs staged together providing a unique market to reckon and buy art with ease. We bring together an assortment of artists, showcasing their exclusive creativity from all Galaxy to the comfort of your screen. Come, Explore, and buy goods from you most favourite artists. With our unique and updated art collections, you can help support these home-grown artists as well be a proud owner of a unique piece of artwork.
Lets Dome..

Welcome to Artodome!




Vibhas Dudeja


Doing Information technology was by choice as for the love of technology, gadgets and their working. Immense love for music and art made me travel and meet artist from most remote areas which gave birth to ARTODOME.

Romi Gupta


Highly qualified and experienced with strong networking skills. An artist by herself and with the love of music and travelling makes her ability to network stronger and supportive of the cause.

Niket Malik


With brilliant skills with php and backend coding, and already developed quite many plugins. Now working with Artodome as for the dream we share and coding the website to lay one of the best online artist dome and marketplace.

Shrijit Menon


Networking, Branding and Social Media Marketing are his areas of interest. Being an artist and music lover himself helps him better understand how to connect to the target audience for Artodome.